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  Basic Verbs, Prepositions, Articles, Pronouns, etc.

  1. come (verb.)

  Come here! 到这里来!

  He will never come to much (= will never be successful). 他将来绝不会很有作为。


  How did you come to be so foolish? 你为什么如此愚蠢?

  On what page does it come? 它在哪一页?

  2. get (verb.)

  We can get 15 channels on TV. 我们可以收看到15个频道的电视节目。

  Do you get me? 你明白我的意思吗?

  Ah! I’ve got you there! 啊!这下我可难到你啦。

  3. give (verb.)

  He gave me his cold. 他把感冒传给我。

  Sorry to have given you trouble. 对不起,打扰了。

  Ladies and gentlemen, I give you our speaker for tonight. 女士们,先生们,让我向诸位介绍今晚的演讲者。

  4. go (verb.)

  Go get a doctor. 去叫医生来!

  How goes it with you? 你近来情况如何?

  There are six minutes to go. 还有六分钟。

  5. keep (verb.)

  Does your watch keep good time? 你的表走得准吗?

  Sorry to have kept you waiting. 对不起,让你久等了。

  Does your school keep all day? 你们学校全天上课吗?

  6. let (verb.)

  Let us pray. 让我们祈祷吧。

  The pair of rubber shoes let (in) water. 这双胶鞋漏水。

  The flat lets for 1500 yuan a month. 这套公寓每月租金1500元。

  7. make (verb.)

  Make yourself comfortable. 请随意。

  What time do you make it? (What do you make the time?) 你看现在几点了?

  He made to go. 他要走了。

  8. put (verb.)

  I put a question to him. 我向他提出一个问题。

  What a way you have of putting things! 瞧你这人怎么那样说话!

  I put her at about 35. 我估计她大概35岁。

  9. seem (verb.)

  Be what you seem (to be). 要表里如一。

  It seems as if it is going to rain. 看来快下雨了。

  I can’t seem to solve it right now. 看来我无法立刻解决它。

  10. take (verb.)

  Be careful not to take cold. 小心不要着凉。

  Do you take me for a fool? 你以为我是傻瓜吗?

  Don’t take it so seriously. 不要把这事看得太严重。

  11. be (verb.)

  Can such things be? 可能有这样的事吗?

  He is come. 他已经来了。

  12. do (verb.)

  Will you do me a favour? 帮我个忙好吗?

  They do you very well at that hotel. 那家旅馆服务很周到。

  What"s doing over there? 那边在干什么?

  13. have (verb.)

  May I have one? 可以给我一个吗?

  Let"s have a talk. 咱们谈一谈。

  You have me, haven"t you? 你明白我的意思了,对不对?

  14. say (verb.)

  We mean what we say. 我们说的话是算数的。

  What do these figures say? 这些数字说明什么?

  You may well say so. 你完全可以这么说。

  15. see (verb.)

  Watch and see how others do it. 好好看着人家是怎么做的。

  See you. 再见!

  Wait and see. 等着瞧吧。

  16. send (verb.)

  God send it may not be so! 但愿不是这样!

  Send for the doctor, please. 请叫医生来。

  Please send the letter on to Tom. 请将此信交给汤姆。

   17. may

  18. will

  19. about

  20. across

  21. after

  22. against

  23. among

  24. at

  25. before

  26. between

  27. by

  28. down

  29. from

  30. in

  31. off

  32. on

  33. over

  34. through

  35. to

  36. under

  37. up

  38. with

  39. as

  40. for

  41. of

  42. till

  43. than

  44. a

  45. the

  46. all

  47. any

  48. every

  49. no

  50. other

  51. some

  52. such

  53. that

  54. this

  55. i

  56. he

  57. you

  58. who

  59. and

  60. because

  61. but

  62. or

  63. if

  64. though

  65. while

  66. how

  67. when

  68. where

  69. why

  70. again

  71. ever

  72. far

  73. forward

  74. here

  75. near

  76. now

  77. out

  78. still

  79. then

  80. there

  81. together

  82. well

  83. almost

  84. enough

  85. even

  86. little

  87. much

  88. not

  89. only

  90. quite

  91. so

  92. very

  93. tomorrow

  94. yesterday

  95. north

  96. south

  97. east

  98. west

  99. please

  100. yes


  General Nouns (1-100)


  I have an account with the bank. 我在银行开有户头

  He turned/put his knowledge of Spanish to good account. 他善加利用他对西班牙语文的知识。

  Don’t stay away on account of John. 为了约翰,不要离开。


  Don’t take him seriously --- it’s just an act. 不要把他看得太认真 ——他只是假装那样而已。

  In the act of (=while) picking up the ball, he slipped and fell. 正当其拾球之际,他失足跌倒。


  They’ve just had an addition to the family. 他们家里刚又增加一口。


  They do an adjustment on humance resources to achieve the goal. 为了达到目标,他们调整了人员。

  5. advertisement

  Advertisement helps to sell goods. 广告有助于销路。

  6. agreement

  I’m quite in agreement with what you say. 我十分同意你所说的话。

  7. air

  My plans are still quite in the air. 我的计划还未定案。

  Radio Beijing is on the air 24 hours a day. 北京电台全天24小时广播。

  8. amount

  There is still quite an amount of prejudice against him. 人们对他尚有很大的偏见。

  He has any amount of money. 他的钱不可数计。

  9. amusement

  He looked at me in amusement. 他很感兴趣地望着我。

  There are plenty of amusements here – cinemas, theatres, concerts, football matches, and so on. 这里有许多娱乐 - 电影院、戏院、音乐会、足球比赛等。

  10. animal

  animal desires 肉欲

  11. answer

  She gave no answer. 她没有回答。

  12. apparatus

  Your digestive apparatus takes the food you eat and changes it so that it can be used to build up the body. 你的消化器官把你所吃的食物消化、吸收,用以增进身体的健康。

  13. approval

  Your plans have my approval. 你的计划我赞成。

  14. argument

  I have no wish to engage in (an) argument with you. 我不想跟你辩论。

  15. art

  The story is developed with great art. 那故事非常技巧地展开。

  16. attack

  Attack is said to be the best form of defence. 常言道,攻击是最好的防御。

  17. attempt

  Her attempt at a Christmas cake had to be thrown away. 她的圣诞蛋糕做得不好。

  18. attention

  Pay attention to what you’re doing. 注意你在做的事。

  A pretty girl usually receives more attentions than a plain girl. 一个漂亮女孩通常比一个普通女孩得到较多的殷勤。

  Attention! 立正!

  19. attraction

  He cannot resist the attraction of a pretty girl. 他无法抗拒漂亮女郎的吸引力。

  20. authority

  He is a great authority on phonetics. 他是语音学方面的权威。

  21. back

  He slipped and fell on his back. 他仰天滑到。

  22. balance

  Don’t get excited; keep your balance. 不要冲动,保持冷静。

  23. base

  A naval base is located at Wei Hai. 威海有个海军基地。

  24. behavior

  Tom won a prize for good behavior at school. 汤姆在学校里得到品行优良奖。

  25. belief

  He has lost his belief in God. 他已不相信上帝。

  26. birth

  That baby weighed seven pounds at birth. 那婴儿生下来七磅重。

  27. bit

  He ate every bit of his dinner. 他把他的晚餐吃得光光。

  She’s feeling a bit tired. 她觉得有点疲倦。

  He doesn’t care a bit. 他一点也不在乎。

  28. bite

  His face was covered with insect bites. 他满脸都是蚊虫咬伤。

  I haven’t had a bite since morning. 我从早晨到现在一口东西都未吃过。

  There’s a bite in the air this morning. 今天早晨有点寒风刺骨。

  29. blood

  He gave his blood to help his sister. 他输血给他的妹妹以救她。

  His blood is up. 他发脾气了。

  His blood ran cold. 他吓得魂不附体。

  30. blow

  Let’s go for a blow. 让我们到户外吹吹风。

  31. body

  His body was brought back to England for burial. 他的遗体被运回英国埋葬。

  She’s a nice old body. 她是一个很好的老人。

  32. brass

  get down to brass tacks 开门见山

  33. bread

  I’m only dong it for the bread. 我纯粹是为了钱才做那件事。

  34. breath

  They are not be mentioned in the same breath. 他们不可同日而语。

  There wasn’t a breath of air/wind. 一丝微风都没有。

  35. brother

  He is my brother. 他是我的兄弟。

  36. building

  buidling materials 建筑材料

  building site 建筑工地

  37. burn

  He died of the burns he received in the fire. 他死于火灾时所受到的灼伤。

  38. burst

  a burst of applause 一阵喝彩

  39. business

  He is in business of himself. 他自行经商。

  That’s no business of yours. 那事与你无关。

  I’m sick of the whole business. 我对这事情实在感到厌烦。

  40. butter

  butter will not melt in sb’s mouth 一本正经的样子

  peanut buttter 花生酱

  41. canvas

  He is canvassing for the Conservative candidates. 他正在替保守党候选人奔走拉票。

  42. care

  Take care (that) you don’t get run over when you cross the street. 当你穿越街道时,小心不要被车子撞到。

  I will leave this in your care. 我将此事交由你负责。

  He seems free from care. 他显得无忧无虑。

  43. cause

  You have no cause for comlaint. 你没有理由抱怨。

  44. chalk

  The girl like to collect chalks with various colors. 女孩喜欢收集各色粉笔。

  45. chance

  Let’s leave it to chance. 我们就让它听其自然。

  It’s the chance of a lifetime. 这是一生中难得再遇到的机会。

  46. change

  Take a change of clothes with you. 带一套换洗的衣服。

  I have no small change. 我没有零钱。

  Let’s hope there will be a change in weather. 但愿天气会变好。

  47. cloth

  a floor cloth 擦地板布

  a dish cloth 洗碗布

  48. coal

  A hot coal fell from the fire and burnt a hole in the carpet. 火炉中调出来一块煤,把地毯烧了一个洞。

  carry coals to Newcastle 多此一举

  49. color

  She has very little color. 她面色苍白。

  50. comfort

  It’s a comfort to know that she is safe. 知道她平安无事令人安慰。

  comfort station – (US) public lavatory (美) 公共厕所

  51. committee

  He sat on the committee when he was 45. 他45岁时成为委员会委员。

  52. company

  I shall be glad of your company on the journey. 我将很高兴与你同行。

  53. comparison

  This one costs more but is cheaper by/in comparison. 这件东西价钱贵了点,但是比较起来还是便宜。

  54. competition

  At the Olympic Games our representatives were in competition with the best swimmers from all parts of the world. 在奥运会上,我们的代表会与世界各地的最佳游泳选手角逐。

  55. condition

  The condition of my health prevents me from working. 我的健康情况不容许我工作。

  56. connection

  What is the connection between the two ideas? 这两个想法之间有何关联?

  He set up in business and soon had a good connection. 他开业经商,很快就有了相当多的顾客。

  57. control

  The children are out of control. 孩子们不听管教。

  58. cook

  He is a good cook. 他是一个好厨师。

  59. copper

  1) 铜 2) 铜币 3) (俚语)警察

  60. copy

  If you can’t afford a new copy of the book, perhaps you can find a secondhand copy. 如果你买不起新书,你或许可以找到一本旧的。

  61. cork

  to draw/pull out the cork 拔开软木塞

  cork-screw 瓶塞钻

  62. copy

  63. cough

  He gave me a warning cough. 他以咳嗽警告我。

  64. country

  He decided to return to his country after graduation. 毕业后他决定回国。

  He spent the holiday in the country. 他在乡下度假。

  65. cover

  The child read the book from cover to cover. 那孩子将书从头读到尾。

  Does your policy provide adequate cover against fire? 你的保险单是否提供适当的火险?

  cover girl 封面女郎

  66. crack

  Don’t go skating today – there are dangerous cracks in the ice. 今天不要去滑冰,冰上有危险的裂缝。

  67. credit

  No credit is given at this shop. 这家商店概不赊帐。

  How much have I standing to my credit? 我的存款尚有多少?

  The bank refused further credits to the company. 银行拒绝再贷款给该公司。

  68. crime

  It is the business of the police to prevent and detect crime and of the law courts to punish crime. 防止和侦破犯罪是警察的职责,而惩罚犯罪是法庭的责任。

  It would be a crime to send the boy out on such a cold, wet night. 在这样寒冷的雨夜把孩子们遣出是不对的。

  69. crush

  There was a violent crush at the gate into the stadium. 在体育场的入口处人群拥挤不堪。

  70. cry

  Let her have her cry out. 让她哭个痛快吧。

  71. current

  A cold current of air came in when the door was opened. 门打开时进来了一股冷风。Nothing disturbs the peaceful current of her life. 在她平静的生活中,没有任何的骚扰。

  72. curve

  The driver of a car should not take curves at high speed. 汽车驾驶人不应在高速下转弯。

  73. damage

  The insurance company will pay for the damage to my car. 保险公司将赔偿我的汽车所受的损害。

  What’s the damage? (What’s the cost?)(口语)值多少钱?

  74. danger

  He has been very ill, but the doctors say that he is now out of danger. 他的病一直很严重,但医生们说他现已脱离险境。

  That man is a danger to society. 那个人对于社会是个危险人物。

  75. daughter

  He has a lovely daughter. 他有一个可爱的女儿。

  76. day

  We travelled day and night without stopping. 我们日夜不停的旅行。

  He’s eighty if he’s a day! 他至少八十岁了。

  She was a beauty in her day. 她年轻时是个美人。

  77. death

  His mother’s death was a great blow to him. 他母亲的去世对他是一大打击。

  78. debt

  It’s much easier to get into debt than to get out of debt. 欠债容易偿债难。

  79. decision

  Have they reached/come to/arrived at/taken/made a decision yet? 他们是否已有所决定了?

  80. degree

  He was not in the slightest degree interested. 他丝毫不感兴趣。

  81. design

  The building seats 2000 people, but is poor in design. 这个建筑有二千个座位,但设计很差。

  He has designs on that young girl. (口语)他想打那个年轻女郎的注意。

  82. desire

  He has no desire for wealth. 他对于财富无欲望。

  I hope you will get all your heart’s desires. 我希望你能得到你想要的。

  83. destruction

  Gambling was his destruction. 赌博是他毁灭的根源。

  84. detail

  Please give me all the details. 请让我知道所有的细节。

  85. development

  Which is more important, moral development or physical development? 道德培养和体格培养哪一样较重要?

  We must await further developments. 我们必须等待进一步的发展。

  86. digestion

  He can only eat the food that is easy of digestion. 他只能吃易于消化的食物。

  87. direction

  Tom went off in one direction and Harry in another direction. 汤姆朝着一个方向去,哈里朝另一个方向去。

  She feels the need of direction. 她感到需要有人指导她。

  88. discovery

  He made wonderful scientific discoveries. 他完成了惊人的科学发现。

  89. discussion

  The question is still under discussion. 这个问题仍在讨论中。

  90. disease

  The business of doctors is to prevent and cure disease. 医生的职责是预防和治疗疾病。

  91. disgust

  He turned away in disgust. 他厌恶地把脸转开。

  92. distance

  My house is within easy walking distance of the shops. 我家离商店很近,走几步就到了。

  93. distribution

  They could not agree about the distribution of the profits. 他们对于利润的分配意见不一。

  94. division

  A hedge forms the division between his land and mine. 一道树篱形成他的土地和我的土地之间的分界线。

  95. doubt

  I have no doubt of your ability. 我相信你的能力。

  96. drink

  What about a drink? 来杯酒如何?

  We have plenty of bottled drinks. 我们有很多的瓶装饮料。

  97. driving

  take driving lessons 上驾驶课

  driving licence 驾驶执照

  driving school 驾驶学校

  driving test 驾驶执照考试

  98. dust

  The dust was blowing in the streets. 街上尘土飞扬。

  99. earth

  Who do you think was the greatest man on earth? 你认为谁是世界上最伟大的人?

  100. edge

  Don’t put the glass on the edge of the table; it may get knocked off. 不要把杯子放在桌边上,它可能被碰掉。